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Avian Influenza Controls and Preparation

After a rough first half of the year, the poultry industry is relieved to see that there have been no new reported cases of avian influenza since mid-June. For more information click here.

According to a USDA Stakeholder report, several factors may have caused the spread of the virus among poultry crops and several farms including, but potentially not limited to sharing of equipment between farms, lack of adequate sanitation of this equipment, and potential dissemination caused by pests and winds.

N2N Global Quality Food Safety Manager Software could help poultry and farm operations manage compliance to pest control, cleaning and sanitizing practices on equipment, as well as assist in documenting which farms the equipment may be distributed in the supply chain. All excellent preventative controls not only for mitigation of food safety risks, but also supply chain risks that can be caused by avian influenza.

To see the report, click here.

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