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Simply stated, Compliance is the conformance or the adherence to a procedure, specification, audit criteria or a government regulation. Simply stated, very difficult to achieve for an organization. The requirement(s) which you want to be compliant against must be clearly documented and organized, work instructions created for execution, personnel assigned for execution, personnel trained to execute activities, activities and results documented, activities and results audited, analyzed and acted upon for assurance of compliance or improvement. Provide a means for the visibility of compliance with Key Performance Indicators to the team and leadership. There must be records of all activities and results to provide evidence of compliance.

The major cause for failure to be compliant to requirements is the complexity involved to assure execution of the plan. For each of the necessary steps within the plan, there is an opportunity for failure. Communication of accurate information to responsible personnel becomes a limiting factor. Lacking management support and responsibility to provide necessary resources can limit an organization’s ability to understand and comply with all requirements.

The greatest benefit to an organization to be compliant is the ability to streamline all requirements and activities. The visibility of the compliance activities and the results to all contributors outside of the Quality Silo allows enhance efforts by leaders in other departments e.g. procurement, warehousing, operations. Streamlining, execution and visibility are achieved with N2N Global Inc’s Enterprise Solutions’ Food Safety Manager and Partner Management. The combination of Food Safety Manager and Partner Management provides the means to be compliant to both internal and external requirements e.g. Government Regulations, GFSI Standards, Specifications or Customer Requirements.

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