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Consumer Packaged Goods

factory production lineReal-time data and transparency of operations. Robust food safety management coupled with state-of-the-art traceability. Impressive ROI. That’s what N2N Global’s Food Safety Manager delivers.

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As one of the largest industries in the country, the consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry is valued at approximately $2 billion (USD). While susceptible to some stagnation, the CPG industry typically enjoys a steady consumer base. However, high market saturation and consumer loyalty creates a highly competitive environment. As a result, anything that a CPG company can do to set itself up for success is of great value. Being a market leader in food safety is one such way.

While you may not control any of the food supply that you process or your source’s location, your company is still responsible for the food safety and quality of all items that go into your products. And given the increased focus on food safety by consumers, the need for dynamic food safety compliance software is obvious.

N2N Global’s Food Safety Manager (FSM) is a proven enterprise software solution that satisfies the needs of today’s modern food production in the areas of traceability and food safety compliance. Designed for the food supply chain as a whole and easily tailored for the CPG industry, FSM electronically captures data and organizes it into a single database, making it easy for you to manage ever-changing compliance protocols. The features and benefits on the product page [insert link] further enhance FSM’s value to your enterprise. In short, no other tool available today can let you automate your quality and food safety program the way FSM will.