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Enterprise Resource Planning

Knowledge integrated Software Suite (KiSS)

KiSS is the ultimate agribusiness Enterprise Resource Planning tool.

In today’s market, in order to be truly profitable, we understand that agribusiness growers, packers, processors, and shippers must continuously find ways to lower costs and streamline operations. The key is doing so in a way that not only improves efficiencies, but also increases your profitability.

N2N Global’s Knowledge integrated Software Suite (KiSS) is a proven agribusiness Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) tool developed from the ground up specifically to meet the unique demands of fresh and processed food businesses.

As N2N Global’s flagship agribusiness solution, KiSS gives you the ability to address every facet of your business, all from a single integrated platform. This seamless combination of farming/ranching and agribusiness functionality helps bring a new level of operational effectiveness to your business. As a result, you not only optimize the way you grow products, but also how you bring them to market. Plus, by lowering operational expenses through the integration of agribusiness specific functionality, such as farm management, inventory, warehousing, sales, accounting, transportation, and reporting, KiSS is able to help you save money and gain market share.

Unlike other business solutions for agribusiness in the market today, KiSS not only provides an integrated operational platform, it also has extensive farm management, commodity forecasting, profitability at the lot or acre level, and multiple grower settlements options. This best-of-breed agribusiness solution is fully PTI compliant and provides complete traceability and visibility throughout your entire operation from harvesting to final transportation and all aspects in between.

We realize that today’s growers, packers, shippers, and food processors face multiple challenges—slim margins, high labor costs, and rising transportation expenses with lowered capacity are just a few. Add to it other industry issues, like greater demand for food safety controls and traceability, and the need for top-tier operational solutions like KiSS becomes critical.

So if you’re looking for a proven software solution that will revolutionize your fresh and processed food business processes, as well as deliver transparency to your sales, inventory, accounting, payroll, and overall operations, you’ve found it in N2N Global’s Knowledge integrated Software Suite.

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