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Execute Your Strategic Plan from “Out of the Box”

N2N Global Inc.’s Partner Management software solution is a framework of associated platforms for the management of a Supply Chain Quality Program. The associated platforms allow for the development and maintenance of ingredient, packaging and finished goods specifications in context with the supply chain and the execution of manufacturing needs. Partner Management consists of 20 separate platforms to support both food safety and quality compliance.

The re-purposing of specifications as the “single point of truth” to extend functionality is the key to the reduction of administration activities, increase in accuracy, and enhanced communication. Examples of these extended functionalities are Product Evaluations and Certification of Analysis management to assure consistent compliance to requirements by Suppliers. These two functionalities are unique to a Supply Chain Quality Platform. Usually, a company would have to acquire one or two incremental software solutions that would have to interface with the host software solution. Which in either case would result in incremental costs and administration activities as well as a reduction in communication capabilities.

In context of the specifications, another associated platform provides the ability to manage non-compliance and corrective action communication with Suppliers and utilize that data to generate Scorecards to track performance.

The transactional nature of Partner Management facilitates the exchange of evidence documents by the company and the supplier to drive compliance to the company’s Supply Chain Quality Manual e.g. Audit Reports, HACCP Plans, and Production Reports and the Specifications e.g. Allergens, Nutrient Analysis, Credence Claims, and Hazards.

The singularity of Partner Management creates an environment in which all areas of the company can collaborate to continuously improve operations. As an example, but not limited to Product Development, Procurement, Quality and Factory/Restaurant Operations are all utilizing the same information. This illustration of information sharing can be further expanded to include other external partners such as customers.

The extensive functionality of Partner Management offers an “Out of the Box” solution to Food Safety and Quality management needs for a company. Customization of our software solutions is available to a client within the scope of a management plan.

While Partner Management is a “Stand Alone” software solution, N2N Global Inc. has the ability to extend the specification compliance requirements into actual “on the production floor “ electronic Quality Control Check sheets. Using this approach ensures that the specifications, work instructions, and check sheets will always be in the same version.

The implementation of a Partner Management is a journey of discovery and enlightenment. As with all journeys, success is best achieved with a great plan and the necessary rigor of execution.

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