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Farm Management & Commodity Forecast

Consolidate data and manage profit and loss to the acre or lot

The KiSS Farm Management module allows clients to create profit and loss statements down to the acre, by plant cycle, or plant date. Tracking and reporting can be done by labor, farm materials, chemicals, machinery, and more scaleable from single ranch owners to considerable farm operations facilities. These reports may be generated in summary or detail based on user authority and business requirements.

Harvest planning also delivers important information to feed into sales and production activities. When used with the KiSS Sales & Operations module, users are able to track receiving bins from the field through to processing and packaging for purposes of traceability and compliance. Trace back may occur based upon materials utilized on the crop. Typical client data allows for lot, grower, and commodity based trace back. When used in conjunction with the KiSS Sales & Operations module, trace forward is available down the supply chain by truck load and sales order.

With Farm Management’s “Commodity Forecast System”, growers are able to plan by commodity, plant date, and estimated harvest dates which can then be categorized by size and delivery locations. These parameters vary by commodity based metrics. Whether growers deliver by rattoons, bins, tons, or pounds, the KiSS Farm Management module will accommodate your commodity. With the ever changing business environment, growers also have the ability to readily make changes by updating their assumptions. With N2N’s mock recall reporting tools, growers and clients can be provided with important data in seconds (based on user inputs to the system).

For true ease of use, growers are also given the ability to view planned versus actual harvest yield. This ability can assist growers more accurately forecast their harvesting yields and make the appropriate changes to the land for optimum output and profitability.

An important indicator of yield, fresh product grade, and cost management is the oversight of chemical application and usage. Therefore, the KiSS Farm Management module allows growers to accurately record receipt and usage by farm (grower and entity) and commodity. This can be used for both traceability and materials management due to the costly nature of chemicals application.

Labor typically comprises 50% of the total cost of farm expenses. Therefore, managing labor is an important issue for all growers. With KiSS’s Farm Management module, growers can track data by employee, by data function, and by field farm role & responsibility (harvesting, spraying, planting, etc.).

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