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Food Processors

food processing facilityReal-time data and transparency of operations. Robust food safety management coupled with state-of-the-art traceability. Impressive ROI. That’s what N2N Global’s Food Safety Manager delivers.

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Both the fresh-cut industry and the food process manufacturing industry share a common issue with CPG companies: while they have limited control over the food supply they process, they are still responsible for the food safety and quality of all the items that go into their products.

When it comes to food safety in both of these industries, the focus has shifted dramatically from reactive responses by government officials when a crisis arises to proactive measures industries can take to ensure problems never arise to begin with. Plus, with changing legislation comes new safety and recordkeeping requirements that also add increased responsibilities to already burdened industries. That’s why now, more than ever before, having a scalable food safety compliance software that can help you achieve your food safety goals has never been more important.

N2N Global offers this solution in Food Safety Manager (FSM). Specifically designed for the food supply chain and easily tailored for the fresh-cut and food process manufacturing industries, FSM is a proven enterprise software solution that will help you manage ever-changing compliance protocols via a variety of features and benefits, showcased on the back of this page. Each one developed to make your business stronger, your people smarter, and your opportunity for improvement easier.