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FSMA Training & You

Initially when FSMA was passed in late 2010 and signed into law in 2011, the food industry was not sure how this would impact them. Most thought it would bypass their company because, “we are too small” or “this doesn’t impact my industry” or “we already have programs in place. They are not focusing on us. It’s ‘those’ people over there that this applies to.”

All of those conclusion are false.

FSMA applies to all food companies except:

very small businesses would be exempt from the written food safety plan requirement. FDA sought comment on three possible definitions of very small businesses, ranging from having less than $500,000 of total annual sales of animal food to less than $2.5 million of total annual sales of animal food. Because the exemption is based on sales, companies that donate a byproduct rather than sell it likely would qualify for the very small business exemption.

That said, FSMA applies to almost any company that sells to a large retailer, QSR, or distributor. Getting some help on how it applies to you is a very good idea.

N2N Global is staffed with industry professionals with decades of experience in the fresh produce, fresh meat, processed foods, CPG, food service, and retail industries. We are here to help partner with client companies to ensure they have what they need to comply with new federal regulations.

Even if you do not have a CCP, even if you do not have a food safety professional full time on staff, even if you only sell to processors & food service and not direct to market. We can help. Our team has helped write some of the very guidelines being published.

To get more information, please email me at info@n2nglobal.com



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