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I Am Not Only The President; I Am Also A Client

Some of you may remember a commercial from about 10 years ago for Hair Club for Men. It was a whole commercial about hair restoration. At the end of the commercial a man came on and said, “I am not only the President. I am also a client.” It was pretty classic.

The benefit of having a business that focuses in the food industry is that we here feel the same way. We are not only helpers of the food industry. We are eaters too! 🙂  (And please don’t listen to the rumors about how much my Italian husband helps everyone eat at the company. At this point, it’s just rumors.)

We are very blessed that during Christmas, many of our customers will send us packages of their most special product so that we can enjoy items, some of which may not distribute to our area.

When we create our quality assurance, food safety, compliance, and supply chain products, we are thinking about how our kids will be having a drink of that juice and taking a bite of that candy or fruit. It means a lot to us to know we have created a product that helps our customer ensure they are delivering the safest, best quality, and most efficiently made product to their final customer.

We have many customers in the fresh produce, meat and packaged food industries and it is always fun to have a new person start the company that realizes that when they walk the produce aisle or the meat section or the canned goods aisle at their local retail store that they helped put that product on the shelf. The team very much takes ownership in the customer, in the process, and in the final product. I believe that makes a huge difference in what gets delivered to our customers.

We have the finest people in the world working at N2N Global. I am a proud leader of what this company has to offer the food industry.

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