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Incident Management System

Incident Management System Crisis communication organized for food industry companies needing immediate internal and external communication for quick response and incident management.

N2N Global’s Incident Management System

Incident Management System or “IMS” assists companies with crisis communication and provides a robust process to notify key individuals of the circumstances for rapid deployment of corrective measures.

Internal Communication

Beginning with the notification from operations, the internal lab, or even a regulatory body, client users create the “Incident” and initiate phone calls to a directory list of contacts. From there a call is initiated by IMS to the list of contacts that are then prompted to a website or email communication. Call recipients then obtain access to the IMS Portal and complete a series of steps to initiate a response to the phone or email communication. Recipients of the call may have any number of required responses based on their role in the organization. “Executive” users may simply be notified of the incident. Regional Managers may be notified and prompted for validation. Manager users may be prompted to follow a series of steps to ensure the sub-par or contaminated product has been destroyed, placed on hold, or otherwise kept from being consumed. Validation of these processes is ultimately documented in the “Certificate of Destruction.” The results of the Incident are reported to the “Incident Manager” for immediate reporting to management or executives.

Clients can also decide to initiate further calls to those that may not have responded to an initial set of dial outs.

Scripts for calls can be templates or dynamically created.

External Communication

IMS offers the ability to upload a set of contacts and initiate blanket messages without response from the population or with response required from the population. Scripts can include Yes / No or multiple choice answers with an unlimited number of questions.

IMS includes the ability to schedule communication by time zone. A multi-lingual option offers users the ability to receive instructions in their native language. IMS also offers international dialling capabilities so that all your operations can be managed globally on a single communications platform.

We hope your business never encounters a crisis. But if circumstances present themselves you need to be prepared. Do you have a plan to keep your company prepared and organized to react quickly and appropriately? How would your business be impacted if 1,000 customers consumed a tainted food product produced or served in your operations? Would your staff know what to do?

For companies operating in the processing, food service, or hospitality industries, crisis communication is all too common and requires a tool set that will allow you to act quickly in a short amount of time. During this process, your food safety and operational professionals should focus their time on managing the event and not handling highly administrative, laborious tasks. For companies trying to ensure that they have the most proactive means by which to reach employees, managers, and customers in the event of calamity, Incident Management System offers you a proven solution to communicate quickly and thoroughly with your customers, trading partners, and employees.

Use: Product Withdrawal and Dial-out Solution

Applicable Industry: Food Processors, Food Service, Retail and Hospitality

ROI: Hard Savings

  • Reduced cost in labor to handle physical task of communication
  • Charge back to supplier of tainted or sub-par product
  • Reduction in elapsed time to communicate information
  • Reduction in elapsed time to remove product from the supply chain (reduced costs down the road related to illness, rework, etc.)
  • Helps limit the scope of the recall by specific notifications to only those affected locations vs. all locations and contacts

ROI: Soft Savings

  • Auditable process for withdrawal communication
  • Helps better manage brand risk in the event of a product withdrawal
  • Enhanced incident reporting for continuous process improvement
  • Ability for food safety and operations professionals to focus on managing the event and not administrative tasks

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