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Livestock & Aquaculture

cattle in field and fish in aquaculture tankReal-time data and transparency of operations. Robust food safety management coupled with state-of-the-art traceability. Impressive ROI. That’s what N2N Global’s Food Safety Manager delivers.

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The challenges faced by the International Livestock & Aquaculture industries are ever changing and ever diverse.

From North America, South America, Africa, Europe, Asia, and Australia / New Zealand, more and more production is leading to an ever more complex supply chain and procurement process as well as regulatory concerns. N2N Global offers your business the solutions needed for operations and compliance management across global, national, and small to mid-size businesses.

N2N Global assists companies in keeping detailed livestock and aquaculture records including managing DNA history, animal identity, pedigree, and animal husbandry. N2N Global’s suite of solutions also include process and task management of activities related to treatments, sales and animal movements including animal performance.

N2N Global also offers solutions for land management including collection of leases and rents all the way through to care taking and plot oversight. Whether in meat production, dairy production, fiber production, fertilizer production, animal labor, or land management, N2N Global offers companies an integrated suite in which to manage their business.

N2N Global’s platform also includes Quality Assurance & Food Safety tools thereby ensuring your entire operations are in compliance with local, state, federal, and international laws and industry best practices. For those involved in the packaging, procurement and sale of meat and fish products, N2N Global’s inventory and sales order management systems helps ensure production operations and the sale steam work harmoniously in revenue generation and supply movement.

Whether you need a ranch calendar and a place in which to put notes or an accounting program to manage costs from the ranch and revenues in your sales organization, N2N Global offers you an integrated platform in which you operate your business.