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Watch the n2nglobal.com Basic Overview video

n2nglobal.com is an online information exchange designed to allow you to exchange documents with your trading partners and customers in a paperless, more efficient way. n2nglobal.com ensures that all information is organized and complete and gives surety that you are compliant. It brings all supplier document management into your own control and significantly reduces the risk of non-compliance.

n2nglobal.com is easy to set up, easy to use and starting at $360 a year, very low cost. Please click here to get started today!

Core Features

  1. Easy to join and use – simply complete an on line form and provide payment via Paypal. Immediate access is granted after a short verification process. n2nglobal.com offers an easy to use experience for people of all technical skills and levels of food safety understanding. Adding information can take minutes rather than hours or days.
  2. Transactional portal allows all internal and external Vendor Documentation to be uploaded, including supplier certifications e.g. Kosher Letters, Letters of Guarantee, Organic Certification, Audit Reports and HACCP plans.
  3. Single Point of Access for all of your customers who are given access to see the specific documents that are needed.
  4. Automatic communication of the need for the replacement of obsolete compliance documents through an expiry alerts.
  5. Change management to rigorously control and record changes made using the platform and automatically communicated to appropriate individuals detailing any action required and capturing status updates.
  6. Greater control – you control who sees your documents as opposed to emails that can be forwarded or a customer’s portal that controls the documents.
  7. High Security – n2nglobal.com offers a world class data center with software, hardware, and procedural protocols to make sure data is protected at all times using industry best practices.

n2nglobal.com has been developed in cooperation with food safety and quality assurance professionals, by a company that has been continuously developing food safety and quality management software for almost 20 years. Its Unique Data Architecture – based on highly secure open source database architecture – has been developed for the food industry and sits on the IBM cloud.

n2nglobal.com is simple to use with guidance from user prompts and features. It has been developed by a company that is independent from any specific supplier or customer and allows you to share information with anyone.

n2nglobal.com is low cost with simple monthly payments and no ‘per document’ fee allowing you to upload as many documents as you like. There is also no limit on the numbers of suppliers that you add. All functions including Sales, Food Safety, Quality Assurance, Production, and other departments are accessible with no additional charge.


n2nglobal.com drives major efficiency improvements around the management of documents with improvements of up to 80% of document handling costs. Customers find that the system can pay back in remarkably short timescales.

n2nglobal.com reduces risk from non-compliance and litigation, thereby defending your Brands and Corporate Image by presenting a much more professional view of your company.

Our customers have found that the use of the online information exchange and document management platform protects customer share and margins by becoming a higher quality, lower risk supplier.

Support for the Food Safety Modernization Act

n2nglobal.com will help to prepare companies for compliance with the Food Safety Modernization Act’s Supplier Verification mandate.

Today food companies of every kind are required to demonstrate their compliance to customers, to regulatory bodies, and even in some form to consumers (think of Kosher or organic certifications on product labels to build consumer confidence). This results in the need to supply what can be hundreds of stakeholders with many documents, many of which are the same. Serving this requirement is time consuming and cumbersome with the process generally involving email, faxing, post mail, or even the uploading of documents to each stakeholder’s portal separately. As it is mainly manual, the process also introduces inefficiencies, duplications, errors and omissions.

These requirements are also escalating with the introduction of new legislation such as the U.S. Food Safety Modernization Act or Canada’s Safe Food for Canadians act. Liability is becoming even greater, especially for companies that rely on foreign suppliers. The US government’s aggressiveness to pursue companies that distribute contaminated product (never mind cause illness, injury or death) has increased significantly. The legislation change also gives the FDA unprecedented access to all of a company’s food safety documents and practices. So if a company gets into a situation where they have to prove with documentation that their food safety systems are in control, it is much easier to do so with automation controls than with pencil and paper. A manual system is likely to have things that will be missed, mistakes will have been made and therefore the company cannot defend the prosecution.

This situation is especially difficult for a company that has foreign suppliers as it is even more complex and time consuming to establish and maintain a foreign food supplier management program. Chiquita estimated that it would take an additional 2 people to continue to use manual systems in the new environment just for foreign supplier management. Companies that use n2nglobal.com in support of their foreign customers are likely to gain an advantage as a supplier.

A company therefore has little choice but to automate in order to increase efficiency and accuracy, thereby reducing risk. n2nglobal.com offers suppliers a lower cost, easy to use, easy to set up system that can be used for fulfilling its customers’ needs.