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Quality Assurance Contrasted

Quality Assurance is the plans and procedures implemented in a quality system to assure that the quality criteria for a product will be consistently achieved. Quality Assurance requires the quality criteria to be documented and approved. The manufacturing process must be capable of achieving the product quality criteria. Assurance of both the appropriateness of the methodologies of product compliance activities to meet the requirements and the knowledge of the executors of the product compliance instructions is critical to the delivery of the product.

The utilization of the Quality Control results to enhance compliance through procedure corrections, process improvements and criteria revisions. The planning of activities, auditing of activities and analysis of results to drive compliance and improvement. Common reasons for Product non compliance are product specifications that are not based upon process capability but rather on short developmental product trials, lack of adequate procedures or work instructions, operator knowledge and non-compliant ingredients or packaging.

Based upon our interaction with the food industry, redundant documents and communication become roadblocks to compliance due to errors in data copying, obsolesce, or excessive administrative time. Time spent on administrative activities divert resources from compliance and improvement activities. The documentation of product criteria, the re-documentation of product criteria in check sheets, the documentation again of product criteria in corrective actions and data for reports is an example of redundant efforts. An Enterprise Solution’s ability to provide clear visibility to the supplier of the ingredient’s or packaging’s quality criteria for approval and compliance reduces misunderstandings. The immediate feedback regarding those material’s performance to that supplier provides continuous improvement opportunities. This approach avoids the need to repeated emailing of requirements to partners and track compliance within the silo of their distribution list and retains the association of the compliance data with the supplier automatically. The ability to manage supplier audits and performance internal audits against quality activities assure the delivery of product against the specification criteria.


N2N Global Inc. provides the Enterprise Solution to execute supplier compliance through transactional document and certificate of analysis management platforms. Specifications linked to suppliers with supporting documents illustrating compliance and noncompliance platform to communicate any need for improvement.  Partner Management includes the ability to conduct both internal and external audits.

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