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retail grocerReal-time data and transparency of operations. Robust food safety management coupled with state-of-the-art traceability. Impressive ROI. That’s what N2N Global’s Food Safety Manager delivers.

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Today more than ever, the topic of food safety is not only on the minds of food retailers, but also on that of everyday consumers. And while food retailers may only have about 5% of their total revenue in products that would require preventive controls, having them is inarguably vital to their customers, their bottom line, and in differentiating themselves from the competition. Add in the fact that many food retailers also execute fresh-cut and value-added meats and produce, and therefore have all the quality and food safety requirements of a food process manufacturer or restaurant.

But needing a HACCP-based food management plan is one thing. Proper execution of those plans is another. In order for you to respond to the consumer, supply chain, and governmental requirements, you need a software solution that is perfectly suited to your needs and delivers food safety via an auditable management system.

Food Safety Manager (FSM) is specifically designed for all facets of the food supply chain and enables food supply chain businesses of any size to economically deploy sophisticated food safety capabilities. QFSM will help you ensure that protocols are followed, deviations are handled, and analysis of data occurs to optimize your operations. A tried and trusted enterprise software solution, QFSM, will help you manage the ever-changing compliance protocols.

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