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Shelf Life Management, Does it stop after study is completed?

As part of the product development process, samples of approved products are placed into different storage conditions based upon the requirements of the type of product. These storage conditions may be in a freezer, refrigerator, or at ambient temperature. After reviewing the quality and/or food safety criteria on a monthly basis (may be more frequent for short shelf life products such as produce or refrigerated products), a determination is made Read More

FSMA – Customer Complaints, What do we really know?

We know that everyone is blogging about FSMA — For example “Preventive Measures for Human Foods” has  been discussed in many different forums. I do not think that this regulation really brings anything new to the industry as far as food safety processes are concerned. Basically food companies should have been doing these “incremental” elements before. The interesting thing about this specific regulation is that the food safety program should Read More