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Shelf Life Management, Does it stop after study is completed?

As part of the product development process, samples of approved products are placed into different storage conditions based upon the requirements of the type of product. These storage conditions may be in a freezer, refrigerator, or at ambient temperature. After reviewing the quality and/or food safety criteria on a monthly basis (may be more frequent for short shelf life products such as produce or refrigerated products), a determination is made Read More

Software to Help with FSMA Compliance

In searching around the web, we certainly see quite a bit about FSMA. What will the final guidelines include? What will FDA focus on? What are the implications to the industry? How will this be enforced? There is definitely a lot to think about. But what is not being discussed enough are solutions to help you prepare now. N2N Global offers www.n2nglobal.com as our solution to help companies working to Read More

FSMA Training & You

Initially when FSMA was passed in late 2010 and signed into law in 2011, the food industry was not sure how this would impact them. Most thought it would bypass their company because, “we are too small” or “this doesn’t impact my industry” or “we already have programs in place. They are not focusing on us. It’s ‘those’ people over there that this applies to.” All of those conclusion are Read More

Being a True Technology Partner

Often time when meeting new companies, we are brought in because someone in the company (or many people) have come to realize that the team has been doing something one way and perhaps it could be done better, faster, cheaper, or more efficiently. Typically, as we go through and talk and visit, we come to see that our clients are eager to share their difficulties in a way that a Read More