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Win the Food Safety War

Everyone in the Restaurant Industry has a “war” or “did you heard about so and so company” story concerning customer illness that directly resulted in significant reductions in customer traffic or the bankruptcy of a restaurant. The fear generated by a food safety event will last for years with your customers and the “word of mouth” discussions between people will determine where they will eat in the future based upon one person’s experience. In today’s competitive environment for customers, where all restaurants are leveraging new products, services and hours to drive sales, do not let a food safety incident be the difference between a great quarter and no quarter at all. More visible illustrations of food safety compliance are being expected now by customers in the form of posted grades from the local health department.

Food Safety incidences are communicated faster and more broadly than ever before through the internet, television and the news press. The FDA and CDC have established improved systems to identify and communicate food illness outbreaks faster than ever. While in the United States, Food Establishments’ Food Safety programs have been significantly improved over that last 20 years. Our ability to identify and communicate a food illness outbreak has increased just as much.

N2N Global has an extendable solution for Food Safety Management for the restaurant environment. The Food Safety Manager solution provides a platform on which your greatest concerns can be control by your food safety professionals on a real time basis. The solution provides the structure to establish a sound food safety program based upon scientific evidence which is seamlessly converted into an operational tool. The exceptional value in the solution is the ability to utilize the data to identify transferable best practices across the entire restaurant chain locations – immediately. The data supports a metric driven business model which allows management to focus resources where the greatest need arises.

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